16 Dec 2018

A nice walk in Vondelpark in Amsterdam

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A nice walk in Vondelpark in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most visited cities in Europe with million visitors every year. The beauty of the city, the amazing attractions and many historical monuments are ones of the main reasons why people are interested in Amsterdam.

This capital is also well known for its beautiful national parks that keep innumerable plant and animal species. One of the most beautiful parks in Amsterdam is Vondelpark. It is a public urban park located in the Old South. The park allows to take a very nice walk thanks to the vast area and its several beautiful attractions.

Vondelpark in Amsterdam: a best place for a nice walk

  • Visit Tulip island

Tulip Island is situated in the middle of a lake in Vondelpark. It is a romantic and picturesque place that seduces all visitors. It is surrounded by tulip fields and clear water. Colorful tulip flowers that surround the small cabin are the main elements that complete the beauty of this tiny island. Don't forget to take pictures while you come to this beautiful spot.

  • Visit the Filmuseum

Film museum is a very popular museum for cinematography, situated at Vondelpark, in Amsterdam. The museum aims to keep the whole history of Holland's cinematography and its evolution from the late 19th century. Thousands of collections are kept in this museum, these include film titles, posters and photographs. This is to preserve the film from decay and to allow a new generation to realize the big step of Holland's productions.

  • Visit the rose garden

This is also one of the best places that visitors never miss to see in Vondelpark. The garden's overview is really amazing with the colorful roses. Red, white, pink, yellow and purple roses are all available for those who want to discover the most beautiful flowers in the park. There are small paths all over the garden to allow you see all flowers. Many people walk and bike around it for having fun. It is also a very good place to take pictures.

  • Enjoy the beauty of vondelpark's ponds and lakes

Vondelpark has several lakes and ponds. All of them look very nice and attract your eyes while walking through the park. Many people walk around the water and play various games during their visit. The shores are very attractive because of the green trees and grass that surround the water. Some of them ponds show dancing water that complete the beauty of the park. They are also very nice for photo shooting.

Travel to Amsterdam and enjoy the beauty of Vondelpark

One of the best travels that you should experience in the world is taking a trip to Amsterdam. The beauty of Vondelpark is among the best things to discover in this Netherlands' capital. So make your plan and think of the best adventure.

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